SSAIx Partnering Program

Unlock Your Success with the SSAIx Partnering Program

Continued Hands-On Collaboration for SSAI Trained Franchise Brokers.  Welcome to the SSAIx Partnering Program, designed exclusively for SSAI trained franchise brokers who seek ongoing collaboration and support from We understand that your journey as a franchise broker doesn’t end with training completion. That’s why we have created the SSAIx Partnering Program to provide you with the benefits of hands-on assistance on a weekly and daily basis. Allow us to introduce you to the program that will revolutionize your franchise brokerage experience.

The Power of SSAIx: Continuing the Support You Deserve

Unlocking the Benefits of Hands-On Assistance.  The SSAIx Partnering Program is specifically crafted to ensure that you receive the continued support and guidance you need to thrive in the franchise industry. With SSAIx, you can access the same level of hands-on assistance you received during your initial training, but now on a weekly and daily basis. This program offers an array of benefits designed to empower you and take your franchise brokerage to new heights.

Experience a Range of Benefits

Maximizing Your Franchise Brokerage Potential

  1. Paid Ad Audits: Our team of experts will analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns, providing you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to enhance your advertising performance.
  2. System Troubleshooting: Encounter technical issues or challenges with the platform? Fear not! Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any concerns promptly, ensuring that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Funnel Configuration: Fine-tune your sales funnels and optimize lead conversion rates with the guidance of our experts. We’ll help you create compelling and effective funnels that are customized to your specific franchise offerings.
  4. Franchisor Collaboration: Join a vibrant community of fellow franchise brokers and franchisors within the SSAIx Partnering Program. Collaborate, network, and share best practices with like-minded professionals. Together, we can tap into collective wisdom and unlock new possibilities.
  5. Audio Editing: Enhance your marketing materials with the assistance of our skilled professionals. We’ll refine your audio content, ensuring high-quality and engaging audio presentations that captivate your prospects.
  6. Video Editing: Leverage the video editing capabilities of to create visually stunning and impactful content. Our experts will assist you in editing and optimizing your videos, taking your marketing efforts to the next level.
  7. Image Creation: Craft visually appealing graphics effortlessly with access to image creation resources. From social media posts to website visuals, our tools and support will help you create eye-catching images that leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  8. Available Weekly Coaching: Benefit from weekly coaching sessions offered exclusively to SSAIx Partnering Program members. Receive personalized guidance, strategy refinement, and continuous learning opportunities. Our experienced mentors, well-versed in the intricacies of the franchise industry, will provide you with valuable insights to further enhance your success.
  9. Prospect Newsletters: Engage potential franchisees with professionally designed newsletters. Our meticulously crafted newsletters provide valuable information about franchise opportunities, success stories, and industry trends, enabling you to nurture meaningful relationships with prospects.

Become an Official SSAIx Partner

Unlock Exclusive Perks and Join a Unique Partnership Structure.  The SSAIx Partnering Program not only offers ongoing support but also provides you with the opportunity to become an official SSAIx partner. As an official partner, you’ll gain access to exclusive perks and a unique partnership structure that will elevate your franchise brokerage to new heights.

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Unlock Your Full Potential with a Low Monthly Fee. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary benefits that the SSAIx Partnering Program has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about the program, including the low monthly fee and partnership structure. Let us guide you towards becoming an official SSAIx partner and revolutionize your franchise brokerage.

At, we believe in the power of collaboration and ongoing support. Join us in the SSAIx Partnering Program and let’s reshape the future of your franchise brokerage together. Contact us now to unlock the full potential of and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success.